OE-I is pleased to share I&M’s Thunderstorm 23-3 (Agile Logistics and Operational Energy)

May 9 – 11, 2023
Camp Roberts, California

During the year, I&M provides opportunities for technology developers to showcase their capabilities in operationally relevant environments. Government participation enables validation of the capability's effectiveness, reliability and feasibility in a representative environment. It also aids in identifying limitations or challenges that arise in deployment environments, creating an opportunity to fine-tune and optimize technology for the end-user’s specific operational needs. Government observers can provide real-time feedback to the participants, which directly inform future improvements to the technology’s design or configuration.

Click here for more information & the list of Invited Technology Developers.

Government employees and their System Engineering technical Assistance (SETA) support register here (NPS website). A Command Access Card (CAC) or equivalent credential is required for entry. Once registered, attendees receive an email from the Thunderstorm team with the Read Ahead Welcome Brief.