FY23 OECIF Ground Vehicle Electrification & Hybridization

4 May 2023

During the third and final round of the FY23 OECIF call for proposals, the Proposal Evaluation Board aimed to identify solutions that promoted the transition from the production of internal combustion engines to the development and production of alternative propulsion systems that extend range, improve silent watch, and reduce maintenance. The Ground Vehicle Electrification & Hybridization call solicited a range of topics, including technologies focused on charging and recharging, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid power and energy transfer, and hydrogen fuel systems capable of reducing operational energy demand in the near- and/or long-term providing an asymmetric warfighting advantage.

The Proposal Evaluation Board completed and finalized its rankings for all submitted proposals. The 1-N proposal rankings are available for review on the OEMS home page. Award amounts may not match funding requests and are contingent on agreement of scope and deliverables between the PM and the project. The first 15 proposals should begin discussions with the program office. If additional funding becomes available, projects will be funded based on the ranking order.